Will Fathers Rise To The Challenge?

Are you a good father?

This can be a tricky question if you seek comfort instead of truth. Being honest about your mission and the daily interactions you have with your children is the start of improving your home environment.

Why has the emphasis diminished on how important it is to have a good and stable father in the home?

We currently see a society that completely ignores the devastating effects of one in four children raised without a father. This parenting failure is not the fault of external forces but rather a cold hard truth to what men have come to accept in their lives.

We have allowed the world to tell us we are no longer needed.

Fatherhood is perceived as worthless because we have allowed the negativity and emptiness of those who missed out on a loving father’s genuine connection to influence us as men. If you didn’t have a healthy attachment to your father during childhood, it would be difficult to see the value a good man can bring to your life.

You can choose to listen to the distractions and complain about the people who wish to keep you down, or you can decide to embrace who you are meant to be and never accept anything less than excellence for yourself and your family.

Becoming a better father takes time and is never easy.

What if we could not only make ourselves believe how important fathers are but raise our children in such a powerful way that it becomes the truth. To create a society that once again values fathers and fights to keep them in homes.

Through the eyes of our children, we can impact the world.

Have you allowed others to take control of your values?

An essential part of being a man is providing resources for your family, and I believe many men have been deceived by how this is supposed to look.

Instead of a society that promotes competition between men focused on status and materialism, what would our families look like if men competed to be the best father?

In the world, men need to be confident and aggressive to survive. We compete against others to obtain resources. Unfortunately, we work long hours to get money, cars, and the acceptance of people who don’t matter.

No wonder so many people struggle for real connection!

Imagine a home built on this same desire with fathers stepping into the arena to improve on parenting. To bring that passion to the standards we hold ourselves to as fathers. Making it honorable to share the ways we are raising our kids to help them achieve success and happiness in life.

We stop caring about pleasing others, and we start doing what is best for our kids. We work hard at instilling virtue into the family system. We grow by implementing higher standards to the way we interact with our children.

When there are struggles, we don’t submit.

We stop hitting and physically abusing our kids. We invite other fathers to hold us accountable and support us to be better men.

During times of resistance and conflict, you do not default by allowing unstable emotions to mislead your actions. Being the leader of your family demands you display virtuous behaviors.

Never allow your weakness to destroy the spirits of dependent children.

You cannot have standards you wish your children to adhere to if you fail to abide by the same rules. You must be honest about your mission as a father.

Besides creating a healthy relationship, the goal is to raise children that laugh in the face of fear and will not bow down to anyone.

The common theme in society is for kids to obey, which has increased a wave of harmful societal reactions. We see so much instability associated with children being raised without fathers.

Blind obedience starts in the home and sets your kids up for a life that is void of meaning and purpose. You condition them to believe lies about themselves. How are our kids supposed to think they are powerful and can achieve anything if, before they enter the world, we are crushing their souls.

To combat this plague in the world, we need more fathers in the home and a true understanding of how our children’s influence shapes society.

We have created a nation where so many are willing to sacrifice their freedoms to satisfy the demands of the majority?

I am here to tell you that you have the power to change that.

The change starts within your home.

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