Over the last two decades I have worked hard to provide my wife and children with the best life possible. I understand being a father is never easy and I hope that all the time I have spent with researching, reading, and actual real life implementation of peaceful parenting techniques into my own life can add some value and love to your family like it has mine.

If you feel I have added value with helping you create a more peaceful family and you would like to thank me please donate below. I appreciate all your support and look forward to helping more fathers in the future.

Anthony Migliorino

Peaceful Parenting Coach

Wondering if you can turn your parent-child relationships around, get kids’ mom on board and create the family dynamic you always wanted?

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"Working with Anthony has been life changing. His wisdom, gained through years of experience, has been invaluable in my journey to become a better father and a better man."

- Jim G

"Not only am I a better father because of working with Anthony, I am a better man. Anthony has positively impacted my family for generations to come. I can not adequately put into words how thankful I am to have him in my life.”

- Dr. Josh Clare, DPT

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