Forgotten Strengths of Fatherhood

In modern society the role of the father has become very misguided. Many fathers have lost control of themselves and aren’t aware of how they should display their masculinity in the home. The primary job of the father is one of protection, to encourage their children to explore and develop


Vulnerability in childhood

Men have a passion to conquer. Men have a thirst for knowledge. Men are curious and seeking answers. Men are doing the hard work to be masterful. Men are displaying a strong desire to improve their lives. Men are learning to be vulnerable and are becoming powerful. Sometimes the pain


A Fathers Internal Prison

There is this constant desire to have our children bend to our will. To obtain power with their submission even if our intent is not virtuous. This very acceptance of mistreating our children in the face of authority is a submission to our own internal prison. We are allowing fear


My journey as a father

“Your baby is not growing enough in your womb and is not receiving everything he needs from your placenta due to the single umbilical artery. For that reason we are going to take you into labor and delivery immediately.” As a husband, my immediate reaction was to console my wife


What guides you?

How do you judge the direction your going? As a man and a father, I have pushed the limits to learn what is needed to raise my children in a healthy environment. In a world that doesn’t seem to care much about children, I made it a priority to show


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