There is a ton of information about how to be a more present and active father. The importance of being a positive role model, reading books to them, making time for family dinners, playing catch, and many more positive ways you can influence your kids. Often overlooked are specific parenting



There are undoubted struggles you will go through in life; the support you receive in those moments will help determine your future functionality.  One of the greatest lessons I learned as a father was acquiring the ability to empathize with myself. To look back at my childhood and ask what


Nothing Genuine is Easily Destroyed

In a previous post that I wrote for The Forge of Men, I explained about how you are raising the next “Nice Guy.” I explained how ineffective and abusive parenting methods cause us to raise a boy that becomes detached from his own needs to gain acceptance from his parents.


The Civilized Father

Should we use power over our children? We must understand how the powers attributed to being a man and how that power is contained in our home.   Most people quickly get outraged when cops abuse their power over citizens or when a big corporation mistreats an employee. We often fail


In Search of the True Self

The search can be difficult and painful, since it relates to a situation that belongs binded to the past.  So many people fear if they be themselves they will lose attachment from the relationships that are important to them.  How many of us were raised in a home that granted


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