Will Fathers Rise To The Challenge?

Are you a good father? This can be a tricky question if you seek comfort instead of truth. Being honest about your mission and the daily interactions you have with your children is the start of improving your home environment. Why has the emphasis diminished on how important it is


Why You Should Parent Peacefully.

Today’s families are facing a crisis, and fatherless homes are ever-increasing. We are in no doubt a time when men need to rise to the challenge of what it means to be a virtuous father.  You may not control what goes on in the world, but you can control how


A Fathers Guide To Help You Raise Kind Children.

I will not tell you if you’re kind to your kids; they will be nice. That’s doesn’t help and usually leads your children’s attention to being overly nice.  There is a massive distinction between being nice and being kind.  Being nice leads to kids caring more about how others perceive


Making Real Connection With Your Kids

What has become the “normal” way of parenting has created more disconnect than we would like to admit.  Connecting with your kids is not an easy task and will require you to break old traditions you may have endured. You have to be able to look back and objectively examine


Preventing Addiction with Peaceful Parenting

We will never eliminate all the wrongs in the world, but we can put up a courageous fight for our families’ safety. Addiction can be defined as a behavior we accept for temporary short term relief while dismissing and disregarding the adverse long term effects. It is an attempt to


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