Do You Honestly Think Punishment Works?

When we punish our children, there is nothing that benefits them in the learning process. Most of the time, we use punishment because our children made a mistake or disagree with us. We think the best way to teach our children is to inflict negative or imposed consequences to change their


“Nice Guys” Are Created Through Punishment And Abuse.

You’re raising the next Nice Guy! Most “traditional parenting” philosophies rely on punishment or the threat of punishment to control kids. When you use these methods, you’re facilitating the creation of these Nice Guys. When we use force and control upon children, there are two reactions, rebellion or submission, along


You Must Build A Strong Family Foundation.

Every father wants to pass down his legacy and know that his time and energy will represent the pillars of developing a respectable family. There are many ideas passed down from generations and many disruptive influences from today’s dysfunctional society. Still, flaws from the past and failures of the present


Do Not Destroy Your Child.

How you treat your child has the power to effectively and positively impact their lives. With all the chaos in the world these days, how can we ensure that we are acting as the protector to our children and not the ones administering the damage? We live in a time


Create A Life Worth Following.

I remember a time in my life where I struggled with each decision and every path I chose to go down. I felt trapped and couldn’t escape the thoughts that my life should be more meaningful. I complained often and was never satisfied even though I was successful and staying


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