A Fathers Forgotten Passage

When we hear the term “rights of passage,” we usually think back to ancient times. Rituals that sound barbaric or torturous, but we all, to some degree, understood the importance of these events. For young boys to become men, they needed a dominant influence that forced them to become masculine.


The Consequences Of Bad Parenting.

How do you know if you’re parenting correctly? There is no one way or correct answer, but we should be continually asking ourselves this question as fathers. We often say kids need consequences. They need to be accountable for their actions, and if they misbehave or act inappropriately, we should


Dysfunction In Society Is A Reflection Of Your Home.

There are many things associated with how society is constructed, and one of the most overlooked causes is the dysfunction we produce in our own homes. How you treat your children will impact the world. Most people focus on division, hatred, frustration, and emptiness because they choose to ignore the


Would You Die For Your Kids?

I often hear fathers say that they would give their lives for their kids. It is encouraging to me how such a difficult decision needs little thought about making the ultimate sacrifice. There is nothing more honorable than a father who is willing to risk his life to see that


Do You Honestly Think Punishment Works?

When we punish our children, there is nothing that benefits them in the learning process. Most of the time, we use punishment because our children made a mistake or disagree with us. We think the best way to teach our children is to inflict negative or imposed consequences to change their


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