A Time to Build

How can we create and preserve a healthy connection with our children? We need to understand a few standards that will help us get back into an acceptable role as a father. There will always be conflicts in your home, which can bring up a lot of pain and frustration if you don’t follow some simple rules. You should never take things personally. You are…

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The Fears of Fatherhood

Fear is meant to keep you safe. It is fear that creates empty thoughts and makes us hold onto doubt and uncertainty. We see how this fear holds us back in other areas of our life, and we become aware that we need to deal with it, overcome it, and move past it. You face this fear because you know this is how life is…

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The Rules Of My House

It would be great if our kids just listened! We have a big problem today because we live in a culture that promotes yelling and screaming at kids as effective parenting. Children should be seen, not heard, is a phrase commonly passed down throughout history. If your childhood was like mine, you were raised in a family where your dad worked, and mom took care…

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