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Are you experiencing a parenting crisis? Do you know you need parenting help fast, but you’re overwhelmed by all the information?

Sure, you can read dozens of books on peaceful parenting, take notes, digest the information, try out one principle at a time and develop a workable framework over a few years. Doing so will deepen your understanding of the subject greatly.

But, if you know you don’t have time for that right now because you have an immediate need…

If you know you need help fast from someone who’s already done the research and has decades of experience living and coaching peaceful parenting principles, then book a coaching call and let’s get you on a better path today.

“He has without a doubt made the single greatest positive impact on my performance as a father”

I’ve been writing about family and specifically fatherhood since before I created ‘The Family Alpha’ in 2015.

Still, I was not able to recognize how stunted my understanding was until I came across Anthony and

It’s like I was running while carrying a weight vest; I’d read the books and blogs posts, I’ written many myself yet still, I wasn’t there yet.

Once I found Anthony’s writing and began to work with him, the vest was dropped and everything I was looking to bring to my family happened faster than I could have ever expected.

I was finally able to be the father and man my children deserved all along.

There’s been nothing Anthony could not handle, no situation or issue he did not have guidance on which was filled with immediately applicable actions to be taken.

I would not be anywhere near the man or father I am today if it were not for Anthony; he has without a doubt made the single greatest positive impact on my performance as a father and I cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone looking for someone to help them improve as a parent.

Anthony has changed my life and improved my children’s lives for the better forever.

“Working with Anthony has been life changing…”

“Working with Anthony has been life changing.

I was a decent father; tried my best. I never hit my kids, but I did use my dad voice.

Like many fathers, I feel into the manipulation trap; taking things away for misbehavior and trying to coerce compliance with rewards for “good” behavior.

In divorce, I knew I needed to be an even better father. I knew I needed guidance in how to be the father my daughters need me to be in divorce.

With Anthony’s help, I was able to come up with ways to work with my daughters to provide them a sense of power and control, teaching them what to do and why, instead of ordering them to do so.

Anthony helped me shift my focus from short-term, in the moment obedience, to the long-term relationship with my kids removing much of the stress from parenting.

Additionally, Anthony provided reassurance when I fell back into old habits and patterns.

His wisdom, gained through years of experience, has been invaluable in my journey to become a better father and a better man.”

– Jim G

Help Your Kids Succeed After Divorce

Having trouble parenting and co-parenting after divorce? Concerned about manipulation, destructive practices at the other house or hits to your kids’ self-esteem?

You should be.

Divorce is one of the greatest challenges a man and his children can face in life. It can leave you more vulnerable to losing emotional control than ever, and your children more vulnerable to emotional harm than ever.

Your kids need a father who maintains self-control. A father who empowers them and builds their self-esteem. A father who can inoculate them against destructive practices so they can survive and thrive after divorce.

I’ve coached dozens of men through peaceful parenting practices that can set their children up for success after divorce. Book a coaching call today to get help parenting during or after divorce.

Create a Legacy of Love

Do your children love you? Do they want to be around you? Once they have children, will they be eager to bring your grandchildren to visit you?

Or, will they cringe at the thought and exercise their parental power to keep your grandchildren away from you?

If you have any doubts about the answers to those questions, know that there is hope.

Many men who have previously headed down destructive parenting paths have turned things around.

You can create a relationship where your children enjoy your company,  look to you as a trusted advisor and go out of their way to spend time with you.

Book a coaching call and let’s make a plan so this multi-generational legacy of love can be yours.

“Anthony has positively impacted my family for generations to come…”

“Before I met Anthony, I was a terrible father.  Sure, I was “doing my best”, but my best was not good enough.  I would yell at my 2-year-old son, become angry with him over any little thing, and escalate his tantrums. 

With the help of Anthony, I now think long-term about the type of relationship I want to have with my son.  I also can see problems coming and be preventative in my approach.  I love my son more now than I ever thought was possible.  There is a level of peace and fun in my home that did not exist before. 

When my son is emotional, it is no longer a prolonged battle where we both end up frustrated at the end of it.  These emotional times are now less frequent, less severe and last a fraction of the time that they used to.  Anthony is to thank for this. 

Not only am I a better father because of working with Anthony, I am a better man.  Anthony has positively impacted my family for generations to come.  I can not adequately put into words how thankful I am to have him in my life.”

– Dr. Josh Clare, DPT

More Testimonials

“Anthony has opened my eyes to the truth…”

“Anthony has opened my eyes to the truth that a good father makes his children feel safe and loved above all else.

By doing that you empower them to grow into their true healthy and authentic selves.

But doing that isn’t easy. For your children to truly feel protected and connected to their father, their father needs to be a strong man of calm self-control, of strength, and of peace.

A man needs to first be a good man so that he can then be a good father.

When I met Anthony I was none of that, but I was trying. I was trying, but there are so many conflicting messages about parenting and about masculinity that it can be impossible to find the truth.

He showed me the way down the path that he himself has walked for many years, from fear and anger to strength and love.

By sharing what he has lived and learned he has helped me become a better man and, in turn, a better father. My kids are growing up happier than ever and one day will have kids of their own.

I hope they remember the best of their Dad and raise their own kids with peace and love. Thus the work we do as fathers today will bring positivity into the world for generations to come.

– James F

“I can not thank Anthony enough…”

“As a father to two young boys, I can not thank Anthony enough for all the advice, support, and constant mentoring he has offered me.

Peaceful Fathers has been a great way for me to focus on myself and my family.

Through Anthony’s advice and leadership, I have grown and learned a lot as a new parent.

Rather than taking the inherited parenting many of us experienced, I decided to change for my sons and my family.

I am happy to be aligned to the values and core beliefs of the NAP and peaceful parenting, in a way that I would have never thought of if it weren’t for Anthony suggesting podcasts, interviews, and books. “

– Michael P

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